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  • “Most thorough & relaxing facial I've ever had!”

    – A. H.
  • “This place is like heaven”

    – A. Masci
  • “A truly healing & soul lifting experience.”

    – Dr. Tim D
  • “Peaceful place, warm vibes, great massage!”

    – Aimee G.
  • “I am refreshed & renewed. Can't wait to return!”

    – Lisa S.
  • “One of the best massages ever!”

    – C. DeFraia
  • “2 hours of peace in the middle of a busy day.”

    – Tom N.
  • “Fabulous! Will tell everyone.”

    – Pam H.
  • “I have just been to paradise. Amazing!”

    – Anna D.

Welcome to the Simhara Holistic Spa & Healing Sanctuary

Simhara is open BY APPOINTMENT via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. FOR SELECT healing SERVICES. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Happy Fall EVeryone!

Schedule-Spa-Appointment-hmMore than a day spa, more than a wellness center or healing sanctuary, SIMHARA, located in the Mid Hudson Valley, provides a unique and beautiful environment for you to relax, recharge and  achieve higher levels of holistic and restorative beauty, health and happiness. Set in a historic stone home, SIMHARA offers its guests a wealth of treatments/programs, workshops, spiritual retreats, lifestyle and fitness programs.

Experience luxurious and customized massages, facials, hair and nail care as well as deep frequency healing. Your specialist team is committed to providing you with all-natural and organic products. Guests who wish to expand their Conscious Connection, may tap into our rare natural energy vortex.

We look forward to personally welcoming you and your loved ones to the award-winning SIMHARA Holistic Spa & Healing Sanctuary. Return to a place where you are reminded of and realigned with your true nature and essence. Our beautiful sanctuary will delight, inspire and restore you from the moment you arrive until long after you leave.

Upcoming Events with Amaya Ma

The MELT Experience
with Amaya Ma, the Holy Mother and Family of Light


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MELT is a NEW experience that promotes your soul’s innermost pure essence to emanate out through your life so you may co-create with your special light, in the most beautiful unique way, in true resonance with your specific divine vibration, each day. Living in your true vibration creates Happiness as your Soul Essence is given Life, and pours out into everything you do.

We invite you to join us to learn to MELT with holy Mother’s Enlightened Love Technologies, any sacred instinctual feelings of overprotectiveness and over protective mechanisms, inherited or self created, that may lead you to express or feel, less than true to yourself.

MELT love technology liberates your essential soul light and restores its flow through your personal energy field so your pure light can be utilized by you in a higher way.

MELT technology assists the restoration of the function and purpose of each level of your energy body so you may live in a flowing, growing, evolving, free energy field, unencumbered by loss of freedom and the free flow of your light and all its giftedness, out into the world, into your connections, relationships, creations and through your heart dreams.

MELT is a gift from the enlightened planes of Love, specifically for you, to open your receptivity, divine flow and true, authentic expressiveness as a soul.

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To experience more of your divine essence flowing through you, and moving you in life to take action in an empowered way where you feel ignited and alive, we invite you to receive MELT for your soul’s freedom and empowerment. We will be working deeply with the etheric body, which surrounds your physical body, to MELT any instinctual and overprotective patterns that may be at the core of fears and addictive desires and feelings. To liberate the etheric body will empower your soul’s freedom and capacity for change and evolution, and will assist your life force to flow through into the physical body and your projects and creations.

Your Etheric Body is a body of light that extends out from your physical body and its unique gift and purpose is to house the power and life force energy of your soul. When this body of light is clear, it is easy for a soul to act upon their plans and intentions, to commit, and to follow through to the completion and manifestation of their projects in their physical life, with more than enough energy. With a clear Etheric Body, there is the flow of life force that then also feeds into the physical body and promotes wellbeing.

Your etheric body may also hold fears and patterns of addiction formed from deep trauma that may have been unable to be resolved by your soul and that create habitual and deeply instinctual behaviours that a soul may not wish to consciously choose in their life. These behaviours may source from an overprotective mechanism that a soul has created in past incarnations or taken on through their genetic line. These mechanisms create inner weakness and no matter how much effort a soul may make, little progress may be made and feelings of failure and downheartedness and even depression may result.

It is the Holy Mother’s wish for every man, woman and child to live in their open heart and create their life with beauty, grace and flow, through the expression of their inner essence and the gifts of their soul. However, inherited or self-created over protective boundaries and mechanisms, encapsulate the truth of our soul’s essence and the flow of our divine energy. In this one day experience through the Holy Mother’s dispensations of MELT, the unique gifts of your etheric body may be liberated to a new level of empowerment and creativity.

You will receive blessings from the Holy Mother and your etheric body will be opened and bathed with pure love, and offered the MELT dispensations that will leave this part of your energy field, functioning at a higher capacity. Your soul’s essence will be able to flow through and gift you the ability to use your energy in a clear way that supports your plans and projects to manifest.

Our intention is to promote your empowerment and the ability to follow though with positive intentions, and to release those intentions that form a layer of control over your soul’s inner essence. We invite you to receive the MELT dispensations for your soul’s freedom to build inner strength, know your direction, and your power to change what you believe, may be impossible.

We invite you to receive the MELT dispensations for your soul’s freedom to build inner strength, know your direction, and your power to change what you believe, may be impossible.


SATURDAY, July 25th 9 am - 5:30 pm

Register Now!


If you can't make it in person, and you would like to attend remotely by receiving the mp3 files, please email Amaya directly at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). She will invoice you by paypal, and put you on her remote program list.

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You will receive all the audio for each of these events with Amaya, so you may always return and receive the divine energy as regularly as you wish. Each time you do this, deeper levels of understanding will birth through you and deeper levels of transformation will take place.

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70 - Minute Personal Akashic Readings $150
9 am to 5 pm daily:
Tuesday  July 21st,  

Amaya Ma is offering 70 minute akashic sessions with spiritual counseling, in co-creation with the Family of Light. You will be offered an understanding in relation to one area of your life that may presently be a challenge for you, or that you may wish to expand for your next step in life. Your akashic reading will open your energy and consciousness to a new level of awareness about this specific part of your life and assist you to detach from old beliefs that no longer serve you as a soul to live from the truth of your heart. You will be assisted to understand how this may now be influencing you in your choices and decisions in this life. You will be offered wisdom, infusions of pure love frequencies and light transmissions whilst you are held in the presence of your enlightened guides. Your shift can be instant, however, usually an integration period of 2 -3 weeks is required for the shift to ground all the way through into your everyday reality.

Amaya Ma began her training with the Family of Light in 1999 and through continuing this path, is initiated to serve as a divine transmissional channel, keeper of akashic records, and a spiritual mentor and counsellor. The sessions are powerful, simply due to the high frequency transmissions offered in Divine Presence. You will be given a suggested practice to focus on to complete your shift with this part of your life. The session will be recorded as you may need to re-listen, and will be sent to you via email download.

Please contact Amaya at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your session in advance.

Should you wish to receive a session and cannot make it physically on these days, you may also receive a session long distance at another time convenient for us both. God bless you, dear heart.

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What others are saying:

"Amaya, I am in such deep gratitude to you for the light and truth you carry. The two sessions I had with you and the Divine Mother were amazing! I had been searching for many years for the core of a few beliefs and behaviours that have been controlling my life. In the sessions, you pinpointed these and even described the lifetimes and why and how they came to be. It gave me something solid to embrace and heal so I can move forward in wholeness. You carry so much love that I felt safe and cared for in this most delicate, vulnerable time. I am blessed! Thank you!" - Elena, Canada

"My personal session with you was a much needed anchoring with Spirit. From the moment, we hugged in greeting, I felt relaxed, as if I was with an old dear friend and mentor and this sacred space allowed me to receive exactly the healing I so deeply needed. My heart was open and continued to open, more and more, and I was transported with a rush of energy immediately. I was carried on the waves of love, healing, grounding and releasing, connecting and expanding, by your words and energy. The session was a confirmation of my truth, reminders of who I really am and the messages continue to guide me as I navigate various challenges in my daily life. They are my signposts showing my the path of peace and healing. This healing propelled me forward and I continue to receive much more abundance of all forms in my life now. Your trip to Calgary was an answered prayer!!" - Kirsten C, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"All my sessions with Amaya have been deeply profound and life changing experiences. Very ancient wounds and ingrained patterns were lifted from me with such love and grace, and with each healing I felt completely safe and held by her Divine Presence and those who work with her from the Inner Planes. The potency of Love that Amaya is able to channel through her connection with Divine Mother is truly incredible, and this along with her ability to access and very accurately read the akashic records that held my unresolved memories, resulted in some truly profound transformations for me. I am eternally grateful for all Amaya has gifted me." - Shola Christos, Spiritual Teacher, Australia

About Amaya Ma

Amaya Ma is an ambassador for the Holy Mother's love and grace. For many years she has worked with the Enlightened Masters and accomplished a wonderful transformation by dissolving many walls of protection through the healing of Meniere's disease in her body. She is a testament of love and has trained herself to enter into that soft, deep, all embracing well of love where all melts into love's arms and all is still and at peace. She brings the power of love to others as a form of grace, for in its presence, all connects again, balances, heals, and unifies as one. Amaya is a spiritual teacher from Australia, now living in Egypt near the Great Pyramid site at Giza where her intention is to further her embodiment as a Loving Presence, and to bring the gifts of her Presence to humanity and our Mother Earth.

Amaya has just completed co-facilitating a one year school, the Self Mastery School of Loving Presence: http://lovingpresence.theselfmasteryschool.com/ with over 150 students and is now training akashic readers towards their accreditation as Counsellors of Light. Amaya's most sacred gift is the embodiment and transmission of divine love and it is a great honour for her to be in your sacred presence and share her gifts abundantly with you. Amaya believes that in the presence of love, all heals and returns to its original essence. She invites you to join her in anchoring more love on earth and carrying a greater quotient of love in your body, mind, soul and spirit and in your sacred heart.

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Designed with you in our hearts, Simhara's Menu of Magnificence provides beauty, wellness and lifestyle programs to restore, relax and delight you! Visit our Spa Menu of Treatments and Programs to see a full listing.


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Expansion Plans

Grow with us.  As with everything in life, we keep on growing, expanding day by day. We continue to develop Simhara into the highest vision we hold, hand-in-hand with you, our valued guests. 


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